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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Surviving Black Friday - Tips for Survival

 surviving Black Friday image from Zazzle dot com 

How can you survive Black Friday? Well, my tip would be just to avoid it completely. Think of all the money you will REALLY save! However, I know lots of you will be braving the malls and stores looking for those perfect deals so I decided to round up some of my favorite tips on surviving Black Friday. Here they are:

First off, wear comfortable shoes! I've seen this on several websites. 

My big tip - don't bring your purse. All you need is your credit card, your I.D., your car keys and your cell phone. Just put your stuff in your pockets. You shouldn't bring a purse for several reasons- you won't want to keep track of it, you will be able to move faster without it, you don't want to worry about pickpockets and you don't want to accidentally hit someone with it since folks are already going to be on edge. suggests doing your homework! Plan ahead because the scene will be chaotic. Knowing exactly what deals you are after will help you navigate the madness.

Wikihow suggests making sure you have plenty to eat. Plan out your meals for the day and make sure you keep yourself hydrated and fed. Don't want to risk passing out at a store and getting trampled over!

The Examiner suggests NOT going alone! This is important. Not only can having someone with you help you keep your sanity, you will also be able to cover more ground in the stores and safety in numbers is always a bonus.

The Smoking Jacket had two that I really liked. First, don't bring kids. The risk of losing them, them getting hurt, them getting trampled, etc... is just not worth it! The other, don't cut in line!! This should be a well, duh! kind of tip, but just in case you are remotely thinking of doing something that stupid, I repeat DON'T CUT IN LINE! This includes having someone meet you in line. When people have been waiting for hours to get a coveted item that most likely there is a limited quantity of nothing will make them more irate than your friend joining you in the line right before the store opens. Trust me, don't do it!

LifeHack suggests you check the online deals BEFORE Black Friday as some retailers are offering deals just as good if not better than the ones in the stores. They also suggest you using your credit card for Black Friday purchases because "Many credit card companies have much better return protection than stores: a purchase made on your credit card may have guaranteed refund up to 90 days. Credit cards often offer warranty coverage for free on purchases — a much better deal than most of the service contracts offered by stores. Lastly, some cards offer sale price protection. If the price of your purchase is marked down further than the price you paid within a certain time frame, you can get a refund of the difference."

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