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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frugal Tip of the Day 4/17/12

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Today's Frugal Tip is to beware of buying in bulk. Sure, it sounds like a great idea but look at the nuts and bolts of it...

Let's say it is a bulk jar of pickles for $20. This jar holds the equivalent of 20 smaller jars of pickles that are normally $3 each at Publix. Sounds great. You are getting $60 worth of pickles for the bargain price of $20. However, let's say the pickles in the bulk jar expire within six months of opening. Do you REALLY think you are going to go through all those pickles in six months?!? Unless you are planning a cookout for lots of people and REALLY love pickles it is highly doubtful.

Also consider this...the pickles at Publix are frequently in the buy one get one free sales. Pair that with two coupons of let's say $1 off one jar and you are getting 2 jars for $1!! Bulk price without as much concern for having too many pickles AND you only have to open one small jar at a time so they will last longer.

So...when you see a bargain bulk price look closer at whether or not it is in fact a frugal buy.

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  1. Also, making your own pickles with cucumbers and vinegar is not only cheap and easy, but you can customize it with whatever other seasonings, etc you like