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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Brief Hiatus

I've been getting people asking me where the freebie posts have been and have not been able to respond. I figured it best to respond via this post rather than one person at a time.

My mother-in-law Betty Grant has been ill for quite some time. She has battled with miscellaneous cancers and ailments and after one last stay in the hospital she requested to go home and succumbed to her illness early this morning at 5:26 am.

Goodbye Betty. I'll miss you! Today the heavens gain another angel. XOXOXO

The services will be this weekend and hopefully on Monday I'll be able to get back in the Freebie spirit, but I'm sure you can all understand my delay in responding to anyone let alone posting to this site.

Thanks for your patience and support in this matter.

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  1. Ashley - I am so sorry to hear that your mother in law recently passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all and please send my best to Jeremy, as well. Love to you all- Greg, Amy and the kids