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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free Pumpkin Carving Templates

Well...Halloween is Sunday and if you haven't carved your pumpkin yet you are in luck!
Totally Target posted their FREE Pumpkin Carving Templates Roundup. See the list from their site below:
For use on
me and my husband Jeremy with our awesome pumpkin from Halloween 2009

Martha Stewart – 46 different templates from Martha.
Better Homes & Gardens – animals, spooky scenes, faces and more.
Hershey’s – A variety of templates categorized by difficulty level.
Pumpkin Masters – Four free patterns – A unique collection of easy and advanced stencils.
Betty Crocker Templates – Monster Cereal characters – Count Chocula, Franken Berry plus others.
Reader’s Digest – 12 basic patterns
Disney Family Fun- Family friendly patterns
HGTV (Beginner) - 8 beginner templates
HGTV (Advanced) - 11 advanced carving templates
Nick Jr.- Pablo & Uniqua from Backyardigans

Thanks Totally Target!!

Free Recipes You Have to Try

I just want to put it out there that most vegetables make me cringe...but not anymore.
Have you heard of The Sneaky Chef? She has been around a while but just recently stuff about her keeps showing up in my inbox and I thought maybe the powers that be are trying to tell me something. With that said I'm going to start trying out some free recipes and I hope you will too.

The idea behind The Sneaky Chef is that she teaches you how to hide fruits and vegetables (mainly vegetables) in your food and your kids food so that you can enjoy all the nutritional value without the icky veggie taste. I can't wait to try the Orange Puree and the White Puree in my next pasta dish. Maybe I'll try it tonight.

Although she has several books on the shelves now, she gives readers of her website several free sample recipe including the major puree recipes that are the base of many other recipes. Check out the free recipes HERE

Have you tried any of The Sneaky Chef recipes? How are they?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Are The Abbreviations?

Ok...I've started using some abbreviations in my posts and I know you want to know what they is the meaning behind them =)

I use the same abbreviations that Addicted to Saving, Becentsable, Couponing to Disney and every other site I have found uses. These specific definitions are from Addicted to Saving.

B1G1 or BOGO = Buy One, Get One Free

B2G1 = Buy Two, Get One Free

Blinkies = Coupons that are in the coupon dispensers attached to shelves in your store. Dispenser is often red and often blinking.

DND = Do Not Double (this applies to people who shop at stores that double coupons. If you live in FL, most stores in FL do not double coupons)

ECB = Extra Care Bucks (instant rewards that print out when you purchase select sales items at CVS)

Hangtag = Coupons “hanging” around the necks of bottles, jars, etc at your store.

MAN or MFR = Manufacturer Coupon

MIR = Mail in Rebate

MM = Moneymaker

OOP = Out of Pocket

PG = Procter & Gamble Coupon Insert

Peelie = Coupon attached to items at stores that you have to peel off

RP = Red Plum Insert or printable coupons HERE

RR= Register Rewards (instant rewards that print out when you purchase select sales items at Walgreens)

SS = Smart Source Insert or printable coupons HERE

Tearpad = Coupons you have to tear off of pads at your grocery store

WYB = When You Buy

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to get FREE Chick-Fil-A

The 2011 Chick-Fil-A Calendar is now available for purchase!

If you have been debating about whether or not to buy the 2011 Chick-Fil-A calendar, let me tell you now to just go ahead and get it!For just a little more than $6 you get everything below:

January Free Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken biscuit or small ball of hearty breast of chicken soup

February Free Yogurt parfait and Dasani bottled water

March Free large diet coke

April Free Chick-Fil-A 8 Count Nuggets

May Free Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad

June Free small hand spun milkshake

July Free medium freshly squeezed Chick-Fil-A lemonade

August Free large sprite

September Free Spicy Chicken Sandwich

October Free large Coca-Cola

November Free Chick-N-Minis (3 Count) or Free Large Waffle Potato Fries

December Free large Coca-Cola Zero

***Think about it this are already going need a calendar and most likely going to buy one. Instead of spending $20 on one, spend $5 on this one-it's a really funny one anyway and you get all this food and drink FREE!!!***

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Redbox Rentals

According to Addicted to Saving the Redbox codes below the image will get you a free Redbox Rental.

This photo was downloaded from for use on

From Addicted to Saving's website:

Below is a list of current Redbox movie codes that to my knowledge are still working. You can use each code once per debit/credit card. Just make sure you return your movie(s) to Redbox by 9 pm the next day to avoid a $1.00/day charge.

REDBOX (valid for new customers anywhere)
BREAKROOM (Valid anywhere)
DVDONME (Valid anywhere)
DATE124 (valid anywhere)
CLIMB5 (valid anywhere)
DVDATWAG (Valid only at Walgreens)
Walgreens(valid only at Walgreens)
CHANCEMONOP (valid at McDonalds locations – once this code has been used 1 million times, it will no longer work)
DVDKROG (valid only at Kroger locations)
DRIVEIN (valid only at Sonic locations)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Free Movie Tickets with GoFoBo

Have you heard about GoFoBo? Through this website you can get free movie tickets BEFORE the movies even come out!!! Register HERE

this photo is by used only for posting purposes to

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting Serious About Freebies

Over the past few months I have really been getting into couponing and saving every penny I can for several reasons. The economy, desire to become debt free, waiting until I get my big get the idea. Well, because of my new found obsession I have also been looking for every free thing I can get my hands on. I began saving free items in a container because I figured since Christmas is coming up I might as well see what I can get to give my friends and family without breaking my budget. The container turned into four containers and I'm still adding to my collection.

I started this freebies site as a blog and never kept up with it but after seeing how many things I was able to collect within 30 days I knew I had to share this with everyone I can. Below are two photos with just some of the stuff I have gotten for free. How have I been getting this stuff for free? Coupons, deals, sales and all that jazz. From now on every time I find out about something I can get for free I'll post it on this site.

What better day to set up this website officially then 10-10-10? It seemed like the perfect time to launch!!! I figure if Mark Zuckerberg can launch facebook within a week, why not officially launch this on such an epic date?

If your business has a freebie for new customers, old customers or even just free samples to offer and you want me to tell all of Tampa about it...please email me at morethanphotographs at gmail dot com and I would be happy to spread the word!

We're Official Now

Woohoo! We are officially now and that means big things are coming. I have been toying around with this and trying to figure out exactly what to do with this blog and I have decided this should be a place to go to find all the free things available in Tampa. From free events to free toothpaste I will scour the web, the news and any other resource I can find to bring you all the freebies Tampa Bay has to offer. If you have a freebie you want mentioned-let me know and we will get it on the site!!! I look forward to showing you just how much you can get for free =)