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Monday, July 19, 2010

How to Get the Most Out of Swagbucks

How to Get the Most Out of Swagbucks
Getting Rewarded for Searching Online

Swagbucks is becoming all the rage throughout the blogosphere. Freebie hunters everywhere are using it and talking about it every chance they get in order to pump up their referrals and to show off all the free stuff they are getting by using Swagbucks.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, "What is Swagbucks?" Basically Swagbucks is a rewards program that gives you points for searching online. Random search queries throughout the day are rewarded with points and they accumulate in an account. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, t-shirts, magazine subscriptions and so much more.

Searching on Swagbucks is not the only way to get these rewards points. There are several things that can be done to get these precious points. Below is a list of how to get more out of your Swagbucks account and eventually more Swag.

Special Offers- There are several offers in the "special offers" section of the website that reward Swagbucks for purchases, downloads and sometimes just for viewing another website.

Surveys- Fill out a profile and then apply to be apart of the surveys on the site and if you qualify you earn Swagbucks for your answers. There is no limit to how many surveys you can do as long as you qualify for them.

Shop-Stores like iTunes,, Wal-Mart and Petco have links on Swagbucks that reward you for shopping. In order to receive the Swagbucks go to, click Ways to Earn, and select Shop from the column and choose the store you want to shop from. You will be redirected to the store of your choice through a special link that tells Swagbucks how much you are spending and Swagbucks will reward you upon completion of the purchase.

Trade in- Swagbucks rewards you points for trading in video games and consoles and for recycling cell phones and MP3 players.

Daily Polls- Everyday there is a daily poll that asks a random question and Swagbucks rewards you for answering it. If you have a suggestion for a poll send it to Swagbucks and if they use it you'll receive 100 points.

Referrals-You can invite friends through a referral link like this one:

Promote the link via blogs, emails to friends and other websites to get the maximum referrals.

Blog- View the Swagbucks blog a few times a day because they will often put codes within the blog posts that you can enter into the GIMME box on the Swagbucks homepage to get additional points.

Facebook- on the Swagbucks Facebook page there are sometimes codes posted that you can enter into the GIMME box on the Swagbucks homepage to get additional points.

SWidget-On Swagbucks there is a link to put a Widget on your blog or website that can get you additional points as well. There is a button on the Widget that says Swag Codes and when clicked it lets you know if there are additional codes for points available at the time.

Toolbar-Downloading the Swagbucks toolbar can get you points just for having it. When you log onto the internet points will sometimes be added to your account if you have the toolbar.

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